The Job!

Though I’ve only discussed the wedding in past posts, I’m going to choose this moment to branch into a blog that also covers our life after the wedding.  This post will tell you about the teaching job I accepted, as well as where Tyler and I will be moving after the wedding.

We anticipated staying in the Spokane area, and I primarily applied for positions in rural Spokane, though I wasn’t hearing back from any of them.  Then, out of the blue, I got a phone call from the principal of Umatilla High School, who I had met at a teacher fair a little over a month prior.  Though I had not yet applied for their position, he remembered me and asked me to come down and interview for the position of middle school and high school band and choir director.   I was a little hesitant to think about moving close to Tri-Cities, but it was a promising job, and I agreed to interview just a few days later.

My mom came with for the trip (not to the interview) so we could both get a feel for the town and what kind of a situation I might be getting into.  The first thing we saw when we pulled into town was this darling purple house:

My mom felt like it was a sign that I was supposed to live in this town (but she was nice enough to wait to tell me until after the interview).  The high school is a beautiful building, just ten years old!

There were seven people on the interview committee, including a senior from the high school, and the superintendent and her daughter on speaker phone.  It was a little overwhelming, but the people on the committee were really kind.  The vice-principal of the high school took me on a tour of the buildings, including the music rooms.  The middle school and the high school are separate buildings on the same property, and it takes about 5 minutes to walk between the two music rooms.

Once we got done touring the premises, we checked back with the office, and sat down with both the middle school and high school principal, and they offered me the position!  And the best part was, they guaranteed Tyler an interview with the ESD’s Technical Support department!  Once Tyler and I took a few days to think about it and looked at some properties we might want to rent, we decided that it’s the right job for us!  He isn’t guaranteed a job there yet, but we are optimistic that he’ll find something that he’s qualified for in the area.  We’re pretty sure we’ll live in Hermiston, just 7 miles from Umatilla, and about equidistant from Pendleton and Tri-Cities.  We are so excited to start our new life in a new state with new jobs!  It is certainly an exciting time, and we will post more pictures as we find a place to live and find a job for Tyler.

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