On Nesting and Housewarming

Tomorrow is our one month anniversary, and what a month it has been!  It’s been about a week since we’ve moved into our house in Hermiston, and it has been such a joy making this house our first married home.  Tyler has naturally stepped into the role of handy man in our house.

Just this week he’s repaired a light fixture, a sink stopper, a rattling bathroom fan, the fridge door, and re-assembled much of our furniture that traveled in pieces.  While Tyler fixes all the things, I have pretty naturally settled into being the domestic in the house.  This is the first lemon meringue pie I made for my husband with my very own Kitchenaid Mixer, the same day:

My favorite part of this day of projects was that even though Tyler and I did our own things, we each helped each other with our projects.  I know that lemon meringue is Tyler’s favorite variety of pie, and when I mentioned the possibility of buying a pre-made graham cracker crust he said, “Oh, that’s easy.  I can help you with that.”  I offered Tyler the rolling pin, but he turned me down – grabbing a can of diced tomatoes instead.  “This is how I always made them with my mom:”

That pie was demolished within 24 hours, by the way.  After the pie was in the oven, Tyler needed a spare set of hands to upright the dining room table, which I of course was happy to lend a hand with.  Here’s how it looks set up in our entryway:

It was so wonderful having a week of Tyler at home to help out with the house, run to Home Depot with and just spend our time together.  He started work at the Staples in Kennewick this week, and now we begin to settle into what will become normalcy for us.  As we complete each room of the house, we will post pictures of the rooms in their semi-final states.

Also – we are having a housewarming party on Saturday August 20th starting at 4:00pm. It’ll be a drop-in event with coffee, tea, pies, wine, and paninis.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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