The First Month and Preparing for Teaching

So we’ve been in our new house for about a month now.  Since we last updated, Tyler and I have started our jobs – him at Staples in Kennewick and me preparing my classrooms for the first day of school (Monday – gulp).  Here’s a quick little list of our lives right now:

–  Being married is awesome.

–  Waking up early and being grownups has been harder than we thought it would be.  But when we actually are both awake in time to eat breakfast together, this is one of our favorites.  Two breakfast sandwiches (a Butler McMuffin) and we split a nectarine:

–  In-service is crazy overwhelming when you’re a first year teacher  (I may or may not have cried out of exhaustion and confusion at the end).

–  Just because I have an idea in my head of how I want the house to always look doesn’t mean it magically ends up that way.  But this is how our bedroom looks in its best state:

–  We are pretty lonely with just the two of us here in Hermiston (relax, there’s no puppies or babies coming soon – we just want friends here).

–  We like that our house is a central location for many of our friends to visit (like they’ll do over Labor Day weekend).

–  Tyler is really good at taking things apart and putting them back together and fixing electronics without knowing what he did.  Showing here – his monitor that was dimming daily and threatening to die.  It’s now fixed.  We don’t know why:

–  Teaching in Umatilla may not have been my dream job at first, but the more I’m here, the more I realize that it is my dream job.  Here’s what my high school room looks like at the moment:

The previous director started the “U” but I finished the “H” and “S,” and I love that there’s CD decorations like Mrs. Elliott had in my middle school band room.  Also, I found the Latin Grammy Awards posters in a cabinet at school, so I decided to laminate them and brighten up the room.  I’ll get more free posters at conference in January, but these will suffice in the mean time.  Also, piano at the ready for teaching 2 choirs.  The middle school room isn’t in as good of shape yet, but that’s my weekend project to dominate.  Also, here’s what the front of my high school room looks like:

And on the second set of doors (don’t ask my why I have two) there’s this:

Our mascot is the Vikings, just for the record.  I still have some more paperwork I want to get done before Monday, and I have an OMEA district meeting with other music teachers in the area tomorrow, but I think Monday is going to be a fantastic start to a fantastic first year of teaching.  It won’t be easy.  But it will be great.

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