Wingmen Unite!

As Labor Day draws to a lazy close, I find it’s an appropriate time to re-cap on this weekend as well as having finished my first week of teaching.  We’ll start with teaching.

The short version:  It was a good week.  There were ups and downs, fun moments and stressful ones, but as far as first weeks of one’s career go, it was a pretty great week.  Getting used to the rhythm of teaching three classes, switching buildings, then teaching four more, working until sundown and then going home took some time.  I find myself bringing work home nearly every day, and Tyler helps me work through some of it and talk through things as I prepare for the next day.  I am tired every day when I get home, and sleep for what feels like both far too much time and not nearly enough.  It seems like there is literally not enough hours in the day to keep up with the house, prepare for each of my seven classes, and be a good wife to my husband.  Teaching in two buildings with four content areas has certainly been stressful for me, because I didn’t want to plan any concert music until I knew what the students were capable of.  Now that I’m getting a feel for that, it’s time for me to start choosing music – which is a large task (and one that nearly every first-year teacher does poorly).  Once I have some pieces decided, I think things will ease up, I will have a direction, a goal, and specific teaching points to work towards, instead of thumbing through my song books and picking something that will open up students’ voices and that they will (hopefully) enjoy.

Also, here’s a few pictures of Tyler and I getting the middle school room ready – a fairly intense task.

Tyler moving the timpani by the struts, like a good husband

Washing old dirty chairs was not my favorite part of the day.  In fact, I had Tyler take a picture for this purpose, “One day, when I’ve been working here for years, and I never have to do this again, I will look back and be so grateful.”

Once the week was over, it was time for us to host a group of friends from all over the Pacific Northwest!  Fels from Clarkston, Charles from Seattle, Michaela from Tri-Cities, Andy from Portland and Sophie from Boise all convened at our house on Friday and stayed until Monday!  As much as Tyler and I love starting our married life in a new city full of potential, it also means that we have no friends our age in this area, so this weekend was a much needed hiatus from being boring grownups.  One of my favorite activities when I have girlfriends over – let them play dress-up with me and my current wardrobe and make-up.  Fresh eyes help pair together clothes and colors I never do on my own!  And these girls are all marvelously fashion-forward.

Parking on the lawn was the best way to accommodate all of the five extra vehicles that had come from five different cities.  It made me so happy to have all these cars and all these people at our house!

We hit up the Hermiston Farmer’s Market for the first time.  Fels was delighted.

So happy to facilitate these two lovebirds being in the same place.  They are so very perfect for each other.

We also went wine tasting in Benton City.  What a delight!

And everybody knows the best part of going wine tasting is meeting all of the winery dogs.  Tyler is good at making friends with them.  This dog lives at Terra Blanca.

It was emotional to see everybody go at the end of the weekend (especially the one that’s moving to England in two weeks, sniff).  But we were thrilled to have them for the time that we did, and we can’t wait until we get to see them again.  It’s going to be legend – wait for it –

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