The Christmas Season in the Butler home

This is the first morning of my first winter break as a teacher, and today I am reflecting on my first few months of teaching leading up to and including my first two concerts as a music teacher that happened last week.  First, the high school concert on Tuesday followed by the middle school concert on Wednesday.  I had spent the whole last week rehearsing, making programs, e-mailing staff, and asking mentors for tips.  I wasn’t really nervous about how the kids would perform, but I was terrified that I wouldn’t get the logistics down before the concerts and the kids would suffer because of something I did or did not do.

As we were preparing, people told me that in the past not many people have come to the concerts, so I estimated for about as many people as have attended in the past.  Instead of the usual handful of people, we packed the house at both concerts!  I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for the community, parents, staff, and administrators that came, I couldn’t believe it!  The whole school year I’ve been thinking about how nerve racking it will be when the audience was there judging whether or not I was a good teacher based on how the kids performed.  But when it came down to the night of and I saw all of those people, I was so excited for the kids to show off what they could do, I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I’d anticipated.

More than anything, I finally feel like I’ve earned the title of “music teacher” or “band and choir director” or what have you.  I may have been rehearsing every single day all school year, built relationships with students that I care deeply for, and attended staff meetings, but until this week I just felt like a rookie.  I felt like I really didn’t know all the things I needed to know to do this job, that I was just flying by the seat of my pants all the time and holding on for dear life.  But after this week, figuring out all the logistics of lighting, sound boards, seating, risers, etc., and after seeing all of those kids work so hard and be so successful in their performances, I finally feel like I do really belong here and this is where I am supposed to be.  I often talk about the disconnect between the teacher that I want to be and the teacher I am now and how frustrated I get when I see how great I can be and that I’m just not there yet, mostly from lack of experience.  This week really gave me some confidence that with experience, I can become that teacher.  The night of the concerts, I was her – bright and shining and so ecstatic about every single kid in those ensembles!  Now all I have to do is learn how to be her every single day.

Now that we are officially on break (which is a very bizarre feeling by the way), I think now might be a good time to show how we’ve gotten the Butler house in the Christmas spirit.  We have so enjoyed getting the house ready for the holidays and scheduling in all of our dinner engagements and travel plans.  Here’s what the Butler household looks like nowadays:

Here’s the outside of the house – Tyler is very big on having a single strand of white lights to keep things simple and classy.

Here’s our wreath we got from Tyler’s mom, which has brightened our doorway significantly!

Then, as soon as you walk in, you see our little table adorned with some small decorations.  Several of you will be joining us for some holiday meals around this table – we can’t wait to see you!

Our piano got some festive spirit from some garland and the herb wreath we got from Michaela for Christmas!  It’s made out of organic bay leaves and rosemary, which we can use as spices once the wreath has finished drying – such a thoughtful gift!

Then, our season table got a little cheer with a nativity and some more fun things from Tyler’s mom.

Our first stockings were hung by the pencil sketch with care,

And of course, no house would be complete without a tree!  I grew up with a tree with multicolored lights and every color of ornaments imaginable, which I loved.  But I also love this new tree for our house  – white lights with ornaments in only white, green, gold, and red.  We had so much fun making this tree ours, touches from my family and touches from his.  here are some highlights of my favorite ornaments:

My grandma saw this at Hobby Lobby when we were shopping for a tree on Black Friday, and I just couldn’t say no!  Go Cougs!

My mom got this for us the day after Christmas last year after Tyler proposed.  It was one of the first that we hung up – I love it!

My Aunt Elizabeth got this for me for my bridal shower after Tyler and I got engaged when they were at Disney Land.  Love it!

These may not be of interest to anyone but me, but this last shot shows the first ornament I bought for our tree (the silver B on top) and it shows the fun musical ornaments I found – showing here is a treble clef, with a bell on the end.  I love noisy things and I love music!

So that’s our house!  If you will be in the Tri-City area or in Eastern Oregon over the holidays, give us a jingle – this first Christmas season is a special one for us and we love filling it with time with our friends and family!

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