Healthy is not Easy


Can I be real for a second?  I talk a big talk.  I really do wholeheartedly believe that the more things we eat that grow in the ground, the longer we live.  And I really do eat tons more vegetables now than I have at any other point in my life.  We have gone to the gym more in 2013 than we did in 2012 and 2011.  And I now weigh almost as much as I ever have in my entire life.  WHAT.  THE.  HECK.

Except, not really.  I do know why.  Adding in some green beans to a meal that includes 2 cups of pasta and 7 pieces of garlic bread followed up by snaking on more empty carbs throughout the evening doesn’t make for a healthy lifestyle.  But I ate some green beans!  And a few baby carrots!  And then, handfuls of cereal and some Christmas cookies and a piece of toast slathered in Nutella.  It’s not a complete equation.  There is no reason for me to be surprised that my weight continues to climb.

Husband and I talked extensively about this on the way home from our Christmas trip to the San Juans.  He was so burned out from all the sugar consumption of the holidays.  Disappointingly, it seems that I never really get burned out on sugar.  But both of us were indeed craving vegetables.  We also both just felt like we haven’t been doing our part in taking care of our bodies.  Especially the last few months with Lucy, we have not wanted to go to the gym – we wanted to be home with her.  And there is boatloads of research that supports that stress absolutely contributes to weight gain, for a variety of reasons.  Now just seems like the perfect time to get back on the horse and try to live a healthier life again.  We’re going to pretend like it’s not just a New Year’s resolution since we’re really re-booting on December 30th, but there really is something perfect about New Year’s coming immediately after all of the sugar, fats and gluttony that the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas brings out in Americans like us.

New Year 2014

We got home last night and made a boatload of vegetable juice.  We drank some then, and the rest we will drink today.  Disappointingly, it was the first time our juicer had had a workout since we moved to Kennewick in July.  It’s just one important step.  Here’s what we’re going to try to do better in 2014 (and the last two days of 2013).

 –  Eat more veggies.  Neither of us minds eating vegetables, it just simply isn’t an integral part of every meal that we eat and it has to be.  There is nothing better we can do for our health, except possibly

 –  Drink more water.  Also something we have been good at in the past and it’s time to re-boot that.  We both own water bottles and keep them with us at all times.  Part of what will help us is doing water challenges – seeing which one of us can drink more water in a day and keeping in touch throughout the day on how our water intake is doing.

 –  Make the gym a regular routine.  We joined Gold’s Gym in October and our attendance in October and November was actually pretty great, until Lucy started going downhill.  Now that that chapter in our lives is closed, it’s time to get back in that habit.  Bring a gym bag in the car every day so that you always have the option.  It seems like once we meet up at home to go to the gym together it is so much easier to just stay home.  So we will work much harder at meeting there to work out together.  Also, having a FitBit is making me want to go out and move more to get more points and blinking dots on my wrist, so I am looking forward to that being an additional motivator.

 –  Continue to cook for ourselves.  This is something we actually rock at.  We pretty much never go out to dinner, especially just the two of us.  The times we eat out are when we are meeting up with friends in a city we don’t live in, but when we’re home, we make our own food.  Granted, those meals almost always start life as a frozen chicken breast, but still, we save ourselves a ton of money by eating this way.  Our job now is to incorporate more veggies into these, and less starches.

 –  Meatless Mondays. This is a thing that many people already do and I’m sure isn’t a foreign concept to many of you.  The main motivator behind Meatless Mondays is that Americans eat way too much meat.  I mean way way way way too much – about 7 times as much as the recommended allowance. And that contributes to our fast-food way of life, commercial production of cows, hogs, and chickens, etc.  If all Americans just ate vegetarian one day per week it would greatly reduce our carbon footprint as well as a million health benefits for that individual, and for the planet.  We have always believed in it, but never made it a part of our lives.  So we are going to try that (starting today!) and see if we like the results.  If you have any favorite vegetarian dishes, we could really use some help on those!

 – Continue to support each other in our health pursuits.   Again, we actually rock at this one already.  We love each other so much and ultimately want both of us to live healthier so that we have more years to spend together.  Being on each other’s team is an integral part of our support system, and we will continue to do that for each other as long as we both shall live.  And that includes water intake and veggies!

So here we raise a glass to a happier, healthier 2014!  And we wish the same for you.

Tyler and Sarah

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