About Sarah

Sarah was raised in eastern Washington by a Labor and Delivery Nurse and an Associate Pastor.  She grew up going to church, participating in state and national rabbit 4-H events, and playing in as many school band activities as possible.  She went off to college in Spokane, Washington and learned how to become a music teacher.

In one fell swoop of a summer she graduated from college, married Tyler and moved to a small town in eastern Oregon to teach middle school and high school band and choir.  This blog highlights the joys and struggles of teaching as well as marriage, both of which she’s new at.  Mostly though, she’s just happy she has a husband as cool as Tyler who both helps her build a website AND washes the dishes.  Sorry ladies – he’s taken.

Here are some things that Sarah’s passionate about:

–  Trying to be a great wife to Husband
–  Her awesome dog, Lucy
 –  Being an enthusiastic, energetic music teacher
–  Living a healthy life, full of fantastic food and an active lifestyle
–  Lifelong learning, and more importantly, learning from every person she interacts with
–   Our social climate, and how America functions in the context of the world’s scene
–   Every student in the US receiving a quality K-12 education in music from a trained musician
–  Staying in touch with people that no longer live near to me (hence this blog!)