So if you know Tyler and I you know that we are passionate about good television.  That means that reality TV never almost never crosses the threshold of our home.  Lately, there has been one large exception.

what-not-to-wear-stacy-clintonI know, I know.  It’s an embarrassment.  Netflix added two seasons of this gem to streaming and I’ve been mainlining it for a few weeks now. But I truly do not see it as being  a total waste of time.  Here’s the reasons that I’ve been empowered by this particular show.

  • They are dressing average women.  Sure, Stacy herself is outrageously thin (and I always remind myself that it’s her job to be thin and stylish all the time).  But the women that they dress are so gloriously normal.  They range in size and body type dramatically and it’s so refreshing to see them be featured.
  • They never, ever tell the women to change their body.  It doesn’t matter whether they are teeny tiny thin who could use to bulk up or if they are well over 100 lbs overweight.  They tell every single woman that they are beautiful and to love the body they are in.  They tell women to dress the body that they have and to be proud of their body and learn how to feel attractive, comfortable, and confident in their body.
  • The women find themselves in their new clothes.  When you wear something that really fits well and suits who you are, it changes how you carry yourself.  They learn to care for themselves and really value who they are.

After watching over 20 hours of this, it’s had an impact on me.  I’ve been practicing taking a beat when I get dressed to make sure I actually really like the way that I look and (for once) taking time to pair my outfits with the plethora of jewelry that I have.  I live in a phenomenal city full of stylish people and I like being one of them.

In the past, when I have felt like I didn’t have any clothes that I thought looked good on me, I punished myself by refusing to buy clothes.  I would say “No.  You’re not allowed to buy clothes while you’re overweight.  That’s a poor investment.  Get some control of your life and lose weight and then you’ll fit into the clothes that you already own.”  And while this is the year that I’m choosing to take control of my life and drop some excess weight, that doesn’t mean that who I am now is not valuable.  This week I chose to purchase two dresses this week that look phenomenal on me now.  Just because I weigh more than I’d ultimately like to, that doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve to get myself a new back-to-school dress that I look and feel great in.  Both of the dresses make me feel good and feel that I have value.  If you dress confidently and pour some time (and a little money) into yourself, it really does make a difference in how you feel.  Thanks Stacy and Clinton!

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