Our Story

How We Met

Tyler and Sarah met on a “Middler” Jr. High youth group trip in July of 2001.  They ended up in the back of one of the vans on the way to “The Sound of Music” production in Leavenworth, WA and somehow struck up a conversation.  They attended youth group, Sunday school and church camp together over the next several years.  When Tyler started driving, he offered to drive Sarah on Sunday evenings from Richland to youth group in Kennewick, and it was through these 20 minute trips in the car that they got to know each other on a personal basis.  They went on what they call their “first date” in January of 2004, when they had Taco Bell on a boat launch by the river after the Sr. High ski trip, though they would not officially date until that summer.

While We Dated

Tyler and Sarah started dating on April 28, 2005 (he was 18, she was 15) right before they went to his senior prom.  They went through many changes in the 5 1/2 years between when they started dating and when he proposed.  Tyler graduated from Hanford High School, then a year later finished his AA at Columbia Basin College.  Then Tyler moved to Pullman, WA to attend Washington State University (as generations have before him), and they had their first year of long distance.  After Sarah graduated from Richland High School in 2007, she moved to Spokane, WA to attend Whitworth University – a slightly closer (but still distant) location to Pullman.  Tyler graduated from WSU in the summer of 2010 and moved to Spokane to look for work and to finally live in the same city as Sarah.  Over the years they have shared many memories and walked through important and difficult parts of life hand in hand.  They exchanged promise rings on Christmas day of 2005, though they both say reflexively that they may have been a bit young at the time.  Still, over the years they had their laughter, tears, grievances, and joys.  And when all is laid out, the good times far outweighed the bad.

The Proposal

It was Christmas Day, 2010.  Sarah had been in Tri-Cities for a week for her Christmas break while Tyler stayed in Spokane to work.  While they both knew that there was a likely wedding in their summer plans, Sarah honestly had no inclination that Christmas would be the day.  Even that morning she’d told her mom, “No, he’ll never pull it together in time.  Besides, it’s too cliche.”

After all the turkey had been eaten and the presents been torn open, Tyler suggested that he and Sarah should go for a walk (still no suspicion).  They bundled up and took a walk around her neighborhood, discussing Christmas light etiquette and what Christmas would look like after next year for them.  As they rounded the corner back to Sarah’s house, Tyler slowed.  He stopped in front of the house and looked Sarah straight in the eye.  Though it seemed he was preparing for a speech, note that there is still no suspicion on her part.  He’s probably just building this up and he’ll refer to it later when he proposes. He began:

“You know, I really like being at your house.  It’s a really important place for us.  I asked you out right here in front of your house.  We had our first kiss at your house.  And five years ago today, I made you a promise.  And I intend to keep it.”  He then knelt, pulling a small box containing a shiny ring out of his pocket.  “Sarah, I love you.  And I don’t ever want to let you go.  Will you marry me?”

Sarah could barely contain herself.  She hadn’t expected waterworks during the big moment, but they came anyway.  She made her opinion known in four ways:  1. head nodding, 2. “mmhmm,” 3. “Yes, I will!”  4. “Can I kiss you now?”  She yanked him off his knees for a smackerooni before she even got a chance to peek at the ring he had picked out himself over 5 months prior to the proposal.  After a second, shorter walk around the block to calm down, they greeted her family inside with the joyful news.  Her father, Doug, grinned with a knowing look – he had been asked that afternoon, and couldn’t have been happier.  The women exchanged squeals and tears and all was right with the world.  It had happened!

Our Marriage

Anniversary re-sizedAfter the wedding, we moved to Eastern Oregon to start our married life together.  Sarah started teaching middle school and high school band and choir in Umatilla, Oregon.  Tyler started working in tech support in Tri-Cities.  We lived in rental houses, became dog owners, and learned how to live together and how to be married.  We made a point of spending time with our families while we lived in Tri Cities and enjoyed all the time we got to spend with them.  We truly loved our jobs and all of the friends that we made while we lived there.  In summer of 2014, Tyler got a job in Seattle, WA working in security consulting.  Shortly after, Sarah also accepted a job in Seattle teaching middle school and high school music in the Highline School District.  Team Butler loves our new Seattle life and we excitedly await life’s next adventures!