Our Wedding

Sarah and Tyler Wedding Highlight Video

Welcome to our traditional eastern Washington wedding!  The video is a really accurate representation of the day, but here’s a narrated, visual representation by me of the day:

We were married on July 9th, 2o11 in the church that Tyler and I grew up in, in Kennewick, Washington.  I am thrilled to say that we absolutely loved our wedding day.  We wanted a big wedding in our beautiful church, surrounded by many friends and family and officiated by my dad.  More than anything, I wanted our wedding to be fun.  I wanted our guests to walk away saying “That was SUCH a fun wedding, I’m so glad we went.”  I felt like we really accomplished that in our day.

We started the morning at the Shiloh Inn (the location of our later reception).

We decided to see each other before the wedding.  I was torn on whether or not we should, but because of scheduling it just worked out well for us to see each other first.  And the day of, I was so glad we did.  Even though I loved Tyler and knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, I was so nervous.  Getting to hold him and kiss him that morning was the only thing that kept me sure and kept me calm.
Then we went to Columbia Park for our bride and groom portraits, just us and the photographers.  It was actually really nice to have some time devoted to just smiling, holding each other, and kissing each other.  In the course of wedding planning we became really good friends with our photographers, so we had no problem just being ourselves in our portraits.
Then we went to the church for family and bridal party portaits.  My favorite shot:
Then we had the ceremony.  Probably the part of the wedding that I started planning latest, but the most exciting and memorable part of the day.  Here were the boys we had as our bell ringers:
One of the funniest part of our ceremony was when our moms accidentally lit the couple’s unity candle.  They made the best faces (even though Tyler and I didn’t know what happened until afterwards, because we were backstage at the time):
Then we came out and committed our lives to each other, forever.  It was stressful, exciting, wonderful, and a whirlwind.
I love seeing Tyler’s face here (Are we doing this?  Yeah we are.):
While we lit the unity candle, one of my best friends Sara Holman (records as Sara Jackson-Holman) sang a song that she wrote about us.  I loved it – I just wept as she sang.
We decided to dismiss everybody by row in lieu of having a receiving line.  The guests got to sit and wait instead of stand, and it made sure that we saw every single person that came to the ceremony.  I loved it!
As we finished dismissing guests upstairs, everybody else went downstairs for cake, punch, and mints:
And once Tyler and I made it downstairs, we sang the Mowry family song on the balcony with Tyler as a member of the family ensemble for the first time.
From here, we did our grand exit down the big church stairs into an awesome old school car:
Then we had a fantastic cruise around town just us and some champagne before we went on to our dinner reception at the Shiloh Inn.  But not before the limo driver had us stage this shot:
Then we went into have dinner.  It was AMAZING! I was so happy and excited the whole night:
Since we had our really rich cupcakes, Tyler wanted to have a single-serving way for people to grab some milk to cleanse their pallet.  And what better way to do that than with school milk cartons?
This picture shows our Dutch family singing a song about us based on the tune “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”  It was fantastic, and the whole crowd got into it with the chorus.  On the right behind them is our photo booth, where our guests could take pictures all night!
Then we had a guest book where friends could glue their pictures down and sign a message to us.  It’s one of our biggest treasures from the day 🙂
All in all, it was a beautiful day.  We were so thrilled with all of the choices we made and the people we spent it with, we wouldn’t have done a thing differently!